Monday, November 28, 2005

Faithful Seasons

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Fall arrives slowly in the deep South, but arrive it does eventually. The proof is this collection of leaves near our house, with an impressive giant sycamore leaf dwarfing the rest.

As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and
winter, day and night, shall not cease. (Genesis 8:22)


Sunset Gazers
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O LORD, my heart is not lifted up,
my eyes are not raised too high;
I do not occupy myself with things
too great and too marvellous for me.
But I have calmed and quieted my soul,
like a weaned child with its mother;
like a child that is quieted is my soul.
O Israel, hope in the LORD
from this time forth and for evermore.
(Psalm 131)

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Full Moon and Spanish Moss

October 2005 Full Moon
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If I say, "Surely the darkness shall cover me,
and the light around me become night,"
even the darkness is not dark to you;
the night is as bright as the day, for darkness is as light to you.
(Psalm 139:11-12)

Friday, November 25, 2005

Cypress in Fall

Suwannee River at White Springs, Florida
November 2005
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This blog will use photographs to express, in a stammering human way, the beauty and incomprehensibility of God. This is a beauty both seen and unseen, as the dark waters of rivers where cypress trees grow reflect the sky and at the same time hide what is in the depths.